Media Inquiries

Press or Media inquiries should be addressed to Executive Director Sarah Whiting.  

Filming Rights

commercial use

Filming, videotaping, recording or photographing at St. John's Church is permitted only with advance approval from the Foundation. 

As a general policy, St. John's Church and St. John's Church Foundation do not permit its name or any images of St. John's Church, its grounds or collections to be used for commercial purposes or to promote a product or service in any medium. Any other use is not permitted without the express written permission of the St. John's Church Foundation.


Written request

Please allow up to 4 weeks for approval of requests. 

To request approval, the individual or company should contact the Foundation for a filming/photography contract or submit the following written information:

  • A detailed description of the extent of the proposed photography, taping or filming, including anticipated equipment and where it will be aired/published.
  • The sponsor and/or producer of the project.
  • The treatment concept and/or script for the project.
  • The date of the desired on-site visit plus estimated time on site.
  • The names of requested individuals not affiliated with the Foundation to be interviewed on site (subject to approval).
  • A list of equipment that will be brought on site.
  • Company's certificate of insurance.